Glutamine rich foods


Food is the best way to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs. Today we know that a proper diet has a positive impact on our health, and is the key to avoiding certain problems.

Glutamine is part of the group of essential amino acids to carry out all the metabolic processes that occur in our body. The properties of glutamine are effective in transporting nutrients and storing them optimally.

Although the human body produces L-glutamine, it is important to follow a diet with foods rich in glutamine to ensure adequate levels. In this article we inform you about foods rich in glutamine and explain the properties and importance of this amino acid for health.

Importance of glutamine

Glutamine is the most numerous amino acids in blood, muscle, spinal cord, and brain fluid. As physical and mental stress increases, so does the demand for this amino acid, which is why it is important to have adequate glutamine levels. The amount of glutamine decreases with age, making it more likely that older people suffer from a deficiency of this amino acid. The properties of glutamine provide us with benefits such as the following:

Rejuvenate the skin

Food has a direct influence on the health of our skin. The acid-base imbalance is the result of an incorrect diet that causes the destruction of cells and tissues. Glutamine is the most important amino acid in maintaining acid-base balance. For this reason, including foods rich in glutamine in the diet will allow us to benefit from the properties of this amino acid and have firmer and more elastic skin. In this article you can consult the foods that rejuvenate the skin.

Strengthen the immune system

Especially in the case of athletes, glutamine helps keep the immune system in good condition during periods of intense training. Glutamine supplements in these people can help maintain defenses. Find out how to strengthen the immune system in this article.

Avoid fat accumulation

Another benefit of glutamine for health is its ability to transform into glucose in the kidneys without influencing insulin levels. Glutamine helps fight the accumulation of fat from food, so it can be effective for weight control.

Glutamine rich foods

Although the body produces L-glutamine on its own, with age the levels may be insufficient. It is for this reason that taking into account foods rich in glutamine can be positive in helping to provide our body with the optimal amount. Glutamine can be taken through supplements, a totally valid option. However, in this article we inform you about foods rich in glutamine that we can include in our diet. One of the aspects that we must take into account is that it will be better to consume foods with raw glutamine, since the amino acid is better preserved. When food is cooked, the amino acid undergoes alterations.

Dairy products

Milk and its derivatives with foods that provide us with glutamine. While milk and yogurt do not contain the most glutamine, cheeses are a good source of the amino acid. Some of the ones we can choose from are cottage cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, etc. Are you afraid of eating cheese and getting fat? In this article we explain which the least fattening cheeses are.


Beef, pork, poultry, and fish are also foods high in glutamine. These products are rich in protein and glutamine is part of these as it is an amino acid. We can prefer meats that are less fattening to contribute to a low calorie and healthy diet. In the case of sports, this will help us to ingest enough protein and little fat. The leaner the meat, the more glutamine it will contribute.

Legumes and vegetables

This option is highly recommended for vegetarians or vegans, since the absence of meat in their diet implies that they must resort to other resources that are not of animal origin. However, people whose diets include animal foods must also include these kinds of foods to ensure a balanced and complete diet. In the case of legumes, chickpeas and peas are a good option as they are rich in vegetable protein and glutamine. Another of the foods rich in glutamine is soy, an excellent option that adds flavor to our dishes. Likewise, we can also count on cabbage, parsley, beet and carrot.

Can I take glutamine supplements?

Many people turn to glutamine supplements. This is mainly due to its properties to prevent muscle loss. However, it is advisable to meet the needs of this amino acid through a proper diet. In this article we explain how to take glutamine.

Who should not take glutamine supplements?

Pregnant women or people suffering from liver or kidney damage should not take glutamine supplements without consulting their doctor first.

This article is merely informative, here we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.


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