How to eat healthy without vegetables


There are many people who want to start taking care of themselves and eating properly but have a slight drawback: they cannot stand vegetables! In this situation, it can be difficult to eat a healthy and balanced diet as this group of foods is very beneficial for our body by providing us with a large amount of vitamins and minerals with a very low calorie intake. But, don’t worry! If you don’t like vegetables, you can also eat healthily, although, yes, you will have to compensate for the lack of these foods by increasing the consumption of fruits, another food group is healthy and nutritious. In this article we are going to give you the keys so that you know how to eat healthy without vegetables and to be able to enjoy a life in perfect condition without having to take recipes that you don’t like.

Steps to follow:

One. One of the elements that we take when we eat a diet rich in vegetables is fiber since most vegetables have a rich contribution in this component. Fiber is perfect to regulate our intestinal transit, to purify the body and to satisfy our appetite, for this reason it is essential to introduce it in diets to lose weight since, with less quantity, we already feel satisfied.

If we want to eat healthy without vegetables, then, we must incorporate foods rich in fiber in our diet that come from ingredients other than vegetables, such as the following:

  • Nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc., are ingredients rich in fiber that we will have to incorporate in our day to day to improve the functioning of our body. But beware, if you want to lose weight, do not exceed your consumption, and with 3 or 4 pieces of nuts will be enough, so it is recommended that you mix them in recipes instead of eating them in isolation.
  • Fruits: we have already said that, to replace the lack of vegetables in your diet, you will have to increase the consumption of fruits since it is a group of foods very rich in nutrients and very low in calories and, in addition, it also provides us with an interesting source fiber.
  • Cereals and wholegrain carbohydrates: options such as brown rice, pasta or bread are rich in fiber when we choose them in their wholegrain version since it has the whole grain. But if you want to lose weight, you should control the consumption of this food group and reduce it to the first half of the day, that is, at breakfast and lunch time.

Two. Although it is possible to eat healthy without vegetables, the truth is that it is highly recommended that you try to incorporate these foods in your recipes in order to take advantage of their nutrients and reduce the consumption of other products that are sure to be more caloric. For example, if you are going to prepare a baked chicken, if you only eat the meat, it is likely that you will need more than one piece to satisfy yourself, on the other hand, if you accompany it with baked vegetables such as asparagus, artichokes, etc., you will already have more than enough.

Next we are going to propose some methods to camouflage the vegetables in the dishes and get to benefit from their nutritional contribution without even realizing it:

  • Vegetable broth: a good way to take advantage of the nutrients in some vegetables is to prepare a broth with them and, if you want, add a little chicken to make it have a more intense flavor. In this way you will be eating vegetables in a delicious way!
  • Sauces with vegetables: you can also season your dishes by preparing a sauce that you prepare at home and that has vegetables as the main ingredient. For example, Neapolitan sauce is basically made from vegetables, the same goes for mushroom sauce. Of course: if you want to eat healthy, it is best to avoid going overboard with oil or with components such as cream and milk as they will considerably increase the caloric intake of your plate.
  • Add vegetables to your sandwich: Another perfect way to be able to eat vegetables without realizing it is to include in your sandwich a little lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, corn, whatever you want! In this way you will not need the protein to be so large since you will satisfy your appetite as well as nourish yourself intensely.
  • Mix carbohydrates with vegetables: a good way to get to eat vegetables and that you like their taste is by mixing them with dishes such as pasta or rice. You can prepare macaroni with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and onion, for example, or rice with artichokes or wild asparagus. Very good and very healthy!

3. Of course, if you want to eat well if you do not like vegetables, it will be essential that you start incorporating more fruits into your diet by taking 5 to 8 pieces per day. With this habit you will be able to fill your body with vitamins and minerals that are also found in vegetables but that, by not taking them, we have to supply them elsewhere.

To achieve this, we recommend that you start preparing recipes with fruits with which you will not seem to be eating so much per day. For example, preparing smoothies or juices with different fruits is a great idea to get well-nourished and that your body does not notice the lack of vegetables in the diet.

We also recommend that you try to eat fruit in all your meals, below we are going to give you a schedule that you can follow day by day:

  • Breakfast: Make a banana and strawberry smoothie to start the day
  • Mid-morning: Have a piece of seasonal fruit
  • Lunch: Make your dessert a fruit of the season
  • Snack: Accompany your snack with an orange juice
  • Dinner: Make your dessert a piece of fruit

4. In addition to all these tips that we have just indicated, if you want to eat healthy we recommend that you go to the supermarket and try other new vegetables that, perhaps, you have never tried. There are many varieties that you can cook both in the oven, on the grill or preparing delicious recipes (vegetable lasagna, mushroom croquettes, etc.) that you are sure to love.

We recommend that you dare to expand your diet and incorporate different and delicious varieties that will make you reconcile with vegetables.


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