How to eat more vegetables


According to the WHO, to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet it is advisable to take 400 grams of fruits and vegetables each day, that is, 5 servings a day. The vegetables are essential in the food pyramid because it brings a lot of nutrients essential to our diet as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

But we know that sometimes it is not easy to comply with this recommendation, here we want to show you some tips that will teach you how to eat more vegetables and achieve compliance with the WHO recommendation to enjoy a life as healthy as possible. Join the healthy life!

Steps to follow:

1. Transform your favorite dishes into healthier recipes: to know how to eat more vegetables one of the easiest tips to follow is to add some vegetables to your favorite dish; in this way, you will hardly notice the change in your eating habit and, nevertheless, you will be enjoying a healthier recipe.

For example: the macaroni Bologna that you like so much can be a little healthier if you add pieces of green pepper and red pepper. You can add pieces of mushrooms or aborigines to your mother’s lasagna that will give it a delicious and very nutritious touch.

2. Add more vegetable juices to your day – it’s a very simple way to eat more vegetables without even realizing it. Vegetable juices are perfect to take between meals and enjoy a snack that satisfies your hunger and with very few calories.

You can make vegetable juices by mixing more than one piece to increase its nutrients and increase the recommended amount of vegetables per day. The carrot and parsley juice is delicious, as well as the spinach, garlic and cucumber: read in this recipe article for vegetable juices.

3. Add more vegetables to your soups: If you are passionate about soups, a trick to eat more vegetables during your day is to add more vegetables to the broths. Carrots, leeks, onion or tomato are perfect ingredients to make a delicious and very nutritious vegetable broth; here is the recipe for the vegetable broth.

4. Vegetable Sweets – This is a great idea to get kids to eat more vegetables. The trick is very simple since it only consists of adding vegetables to the recipes of desserts or sweets that you prepare for your children. For example, carrot cakes are delicious, as are pumpkin cakes and, with them, you will be able to eat more vegetables without even realizing it.

5. Make your sauces vegetable: instead of seasoning the pieces of meat or fish with ready-made sauces, create them yourself by incorporating fresh vegetables. For example, a beef steak accompanied by a sauce of peppers and onion is to die for. Test it!

6. Season the vegetables: It may be that one of the reasons you do not eat many vegetables during the day is because you do not like their taste. If this is your case, we advise you to season the piece with your favorite dressing and enjoy a more intense and improved flavor.

For example, you may not like mushrooms, but what if you add a little garlic and parsley? Here you have the recipe for garlic mushrooms, try it, it is to melt!


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