How to eat to stay fit


What we eat is the key to our well-being and there are a series of general eating guidelines that we can follow to feel fit, something that must be combined with physical exercise. Assuming that we are neither overweight nor under our ideal weight, these are the tips to help you discover how to eat to stay fit.

Steps to follow:

one. Something that surely you have already heard ad nauseam: it is important to drink plenty of water. They are not worth juices or milk, water purifies our body without adding any other ingredient or element to our body.

2.Distribute meals in 5 or 6 servings throughout the day, with breakfast being the strongest intake and dinner the lightest. Never stay half, but do not fill the stomach too much.

3. If we can always eat fresh food, do it. In this case, we must be very careful when washing food to avoid contagion of diseases or bacteria.

4. Combine meat and fish in our diet, because both are necessary, but always trying to make them as less fatty as possible. Protein is essential to be in shape.

5. Some day of the week we may choose to put meat and fish aside and choose legumes, an excellent source of protein, nutrients and vitamins.

6. Fruits and vegetables are essential and we should try to take them daily, always in pieces, avoiding juices.

7. Nor should we leave out dairy products, which are very important, especially in the case of women. Low-fat cheeses, skim milk and yogurts should not be missing in our diet to be in shape.

8. Salt must be used in its proper measure. To avoid tasteless dishes, we can substitute salt when cooking by using other spices.

9. Garlic is a food that, in addition to giving a lot of flavor to our recipes, is very healthy for our body, because it is purifying. This ingredient tops the list of foods with healing properties that should not be lacking in our diet.

10. And finally, let ourselves be carried away a bit by our intuition. If one day we feel like a treat, like a very caloric sweet, don’t hold back. If we see that the desire is repeated too often, we must think that we have not designed our diet well and perhaps we have a lack of some food.


  • Visiting the doctor never hurts when we want to vary or make important changes in our diet.


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