List of foods that are not fattening


Surely if you are thinking of starting to diet, he will ask you what are the foods that do not make you fat or that make you less fat. It is a question that always comes to our minds when we want to change our habits and opt for a healthier and lower-fat life.

There are many myths about food in which some foods are considered forbidden and others accepted, however, in this article we clear up all your doubts by giving you a list of foods that do not make you fat and that you can safely consume during your diet.

The fruits

First of all, we want to clarify one issue: all foods contain calories, which is the essential tool that our body needs to be able to have energy and carry out our day to day. So, strictly speaking, all foods are fattening, however there are some that barely gain weight and whose calories are destined for energy consumption instead of being stored as saturated fat; These are precisely the ones that are considered non-fattening foods but it is a social way of expressing it because, as we have already pointed out, all foods are made up of calories.

The fruits are foods that serve to satiate our body of its need for fresh contributing very few calories and large amounts of water to promote the body purification and elimination of toxins. But not all fruits are suitable for our diet, for that reason; below we detail the fruits that do not make you fat:

  • Watermelon: for every 100 grams you eat of watermelon, you are only consuming 15 k cal, therefore, this fruit is one of the most recommended if you want to lose weight. It is formed, mainly of water, so it is a perfect ingredient to refresh ourselves in summer and ideal to eliminate liquids.
  • Grapefruit: most diets include taking grapefruit or grapefruit juice to detoxify the body. This fruit is also very fattening (only 26 k cal. Per 100 grams) and contains great nutrients such as fiber, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.
  • Strawberries: they are also one of the fruits that are less fattening and that is that for every 100 grams of strawberries you only eat 27 k cal.
  • Peach: And, finally, the peach is also one of the foods that hardly make you fat, because for every 100 grams you consume 30 k cal. It is a fruit that is made of a lot of water and, therefore, it is perfect to help us eliminate liquids. It also has a large amount of fiber so you will feel full after eating it.

Vegetables and greens

The vegetables and vegetables are also food Slim line besides being highly nutritious ingredients that provide minerals and vitamins very beneficial for our body. This is complemented by the fact that their caloric and fat intake is very low, so they are really good options to lose weight without starving. They also have a great satiating power because they are made of fiber and energy that will help you lead a healthy and light life.

Among the vegetables that are less fattening, we must highlight the following:

  • Broccoli: for each cup that we consume of this vegetable we are ingesting only 30 kcal. In addition, its high fiber content makes us feel satisfied and calms the hunger that we may feel while we diet.
  • Artichoke: this vegetable is basically made up of water, so it is ideal for helping us eliminate toxins and purify our body. In addition, it is also made of fiber so it has a great satiating effect.
  • Asparagus: it is also one of the foods that hardly makes you fat since they are a powerful diuretic and provide great essential vitamins to our body without noticing the calories.
  • Celery: it also has hardly any calories, and this vegetable is also a good diuretic. In addition, it has great antioxidants which favors the maintenance of our body.
  • Spinach and Swiss chard: their high fiber content and low caloric intake make them perfect options for losing weight while still eating delicious dishes.


Within the food group of meat, it is noteworthy that the meat less fat is lean meats. These are foods that contain few carbohydrates and become a basic source of pure protein.

To know if a meat is lean, it is only necessary to know its amount and fat; as a general rule, this type of meat contains less than 10% fat per 100 grams.


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