Skipping breakfast is it good or bad?


We have always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however now it has become fashionable to play sports on an empty stomach and there are even people who follow diets in which breakfast does not exist. This type of eating habits can cause damage to our health, although many people are unaware of it. So is skipping breakfast good or bad? Here we give you the answer.

Like a car, the body also needs gasoline

When we wake up in the morning we are without energy, since our body has not eaten for many hours. That is why you have to “fill the tank”, to feed the muscles and keep us on our feet throughout the day. The same happens with our mental energy, if we do not consume a minimum of food when we wake up, our mental acuity and clarity will be on the ground because there is no blood sugar. Therefore, skipping breakfast could lead to a lack of energy for the rest of the day. In this article we explain how to have energy all day.

One of the first steps to reduce obesity

When you hear about fitness tips, one of the first to come up is five meals a day, with breakfast being the most important. If you get a good breakfast when you wake up, you will not get to food starving or devastate what is within your reach, it will keep you satiated for a few hours. In the end you get a domino effect: you eat breakfast, you don’t snack between meals and you organize your meals for the day properly, managing to keep your weight down. Going to the extreme, you will indirectly reduce the likelihood of obesity-related cardiovascular disease. Therefore, among the risks of skipping breakfast is taking the first step towards more serious health problems, which although they do not exist at that time, can develop over time.

For those at war with carbohydrates

Many people have a certain respect for carbohydrates, yet they drive them crazy. Well, breakfast is a good time to take them, in fact it is more than advisable to add a good base of carbohydrates first thing in the day, since they are a large part of the energy source we need. For example, if you like bread but try to avoid it throughout the day, take the opportunity to make yourself some toast for breakfast, which one of the most is recommended and healthy options. Many people wonder if skipping breakfast will lose weight, and the truth is that it does not, since carbohydrates in the morning are necessary after having passed all night.

You should always listen to your body

Although having breakfast is a very healthy and beneficial choice, there are people who wake up with nausea, with an upset stomach and just thinking about eating something makes them want to vomit. In this case, it may be better to prepare a mini lunch for mid-morning, when your stomach settles and you are hungry. It is not a matter of forcing the body , it will always be better to wait a few hours and have something before forcing yourself to have breakfast and throw it all in as you put a toast in your mouth.

If you still doubt why it is so important to have breakfast, in this article we explain the relevance of this meal in our daily journey.


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