What are super foods?


It is certainly not the first time you have heard the term “super food ” since, more and more, people are talking about the benefits of these ingredients to help us lead a healthier life full of essential nutrients that are beneficial to our body . But what are super foods? They can be any type of food that contains a very rich nutritional contribution and that, in addition, helps us improve our health or our quality of life.

They are ingredients that contain many vitamins and minerals but that, in addition, provide a cleansing, antioxidant, anti-aging effect, etc. and, therefore, they are considered super foods, ingredients that should not be missing in your diet. In this article we are going to discover what super foods are as well as we will give you a list of the most beneficial at a nutritional level.

What are super foods

Before giving you the list of super foods it is important that we explain the concept of this term to understand why some ingredients are part of this list and others are not. A super food or super food is a natural product that with a small portion of it provides interesting benefits to our body and very few calories.

By adding some of these foods to your diet, you can deeply nourish your body while helping to detoxify it naturally. In addition, thanks to the composition of many of them, they will help us to treat conditions or prevent diseases thanks to their great vitamin and nutritional contribution.

Any food that we introduce into our diet contains nutrients but, it is true, that the nutritional contribution of some options is higher than that of others (it is not the same to eat an apple than a fried potato, for example). Taking into account this differentiation is how we can understand what we mean when we talk about super foods because it is precisely these foods that provide us with a very high nutritional value and, in addition, with curative or optimal properties for health.

Most of the super foods are usually of vegetable origin because they are the ones that, normally, provide us with the most nutrients and, however, they hardly contain fats, calories or foods that are harmful to our health. What you should keep in mind is that a super food will never be processed and, in addition, its consumption will always be preferred raw to avoid that its very beneficial nutrients can be lost during cooking.

Cabbage kale as a super food

The kale or collard greens is one of the most popular super foods since many people have wanted to take advantage of its many benefits preparing detox juices designed to cleanse the body and bring you interesting nutrients. The reason that it is one of the ingredients that head this list is that the nutritional concentration in each of its leaves is very high, we will list it below:

  • High in calcium that helps us take care of the health of our bones and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.
  • Rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens the immune system, making us better prevented from external infectious agents.
  • High in vitamin A, a perfect vitamin to improve the health of our skin, fight against premature aging and improve eye health.
  • Rich in vitamin K which is one of the best nutrients to fight cancer or prevent it.
  • Very rich in iron, which is why many vegans incorporate it into their diet?
  • Rich in fiber, a nutrient that manages to internally cleanse our body, as well as helping us lose weight thanks to the fact that it gives us great satiety.

In addition to all this, kale cabbage is a very low calorie product since a cup of this ingredient only provides us with 39 calories.

Coconut oil

Another super food that you cannot miss in your kitchen is coconut oil, but it must always be extra virgin in order to provide the interesting nutrients that make it included in this list. It is a rich vegetable source rich in healthy fatty acids that helps us prevent cardiovascular diseases and improve digestive processes. In this article we detail the health benefits of coconut oil that will help you understand why it is a food that is considered “super”.

But in addition to this, this oil has achieved enormous success because it helps reduce belly fat since it contains triglycerides that work to consume maximum energy and, therefore, transform saturated fat into an energy source. In order to take advantage of all its benefits, it is best to incorporate it into salads because, like this, you will take it raw and it will not lose a single of its nutrients.


The baobab is one of the most nutritious fruits that exist and, therefore, in Britain today it is known as a “super fruit”. It is an African ingredient that has become very popular because it has been included in the list of super foods.

The reason why it is so beneficial for our health is, in part, because it is an ingredient very rich in vitamin C, much more than an orange, an ideal nutrient to strengthen our defenses and be prevented from external diseases or viruses.

But it is also a fruit rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, fiber, natural antioxidants and polyphenols. In addition, the meat of this fruit also contains proteins and carbohydrates, which is why in many countries it is considered an essential food to ingest interesting nutrients in the body.


Charcoal is another super food that is increasingly in vogue since it has the ability to absorb toxins that are part of our body, for this reason, many people add this ingredient to their detox juices to intensely cleanse the body. Achieving a cleaner body on the inside translates directly into the external presence, achieving an improvement in the skin and hair.

This product is obtained from coconut shells or wood from trees such as oak, pine, eucalyptus, etc. Its ability is to absorb and eliminate toxins that we have in our body, whether they are bacteria, drugs, chemicals, etc.

There are many ways to take charcoal, although the easiest and most popular is to mix it in smoothies to create a completely detoxifying drink that will help to cleanse us deeply. To take it correctly you should NEVER exceed a tablespoon for each smoothie because if we exceed its consumption it can be counterproductive since this charcoal can cancel the nutrients of other foods.


Another super food that you cannot miss in your kitchen is spirulina algae, spiral-shaped algae that, in fact, were declared a “Food of the Millennium” due to its enormous nutritional contribution. Among them, we highlight the following:

  • High concentration of high quality proteins
  • Vitamins B12, which is why many vegans and vegetarians include it in their diet
  • Varied minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, or zinc
  • Omega 3 fatty acids and other trace elements

Thanks to its great nutritional contribution, this ingredient offers numerous benefits to our body, such as, for example, it is perfect for being in optimal health conditions and preventing conditions thanks to its improvement of the immune system. But also, because it is very rich in antioxidants, it helps us regulate cholesterol, improve digestive systems, balance glucose, prevent conditions such as anemia, and so on.

To get the most out of its benefits, you can take it in its powdered presentation that you will find in natural products stores and that you can mix it in your recipes such as vegetable creams, smoothies, infusions, etc. You can also take it as tablets.

Black garlic

We continue with another of the most nutritious ingredients out there: black garlic. This super food contains many properties that are beneficial to our health; such as, for example, it is a product that is very rich in proteins that help us build our muscles, maintain blood glucose levels, and so on. It is 10 times more nutritious than the white garlic that we usually consume since it contains properties such as the following.

  • Rich in antioxidants: something that gives it very positive effects for the health of our cells but also of our skin. It manages to deal with free radicals that are what promotes premature aging and the risk of suffering from chronic diseases.
  • Rich in Alicia, a nutrient that strengthens our defenses and, in addition, gives us a large dose of vitality and energy, perfect to face a new day.
  • It prevents heart disease since it prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries and, in addition, it also acts as an anticoagulant that improves blood circulation.
  • Natural antiseptic and antibiotic: so it protects us against external conditions but, also, it will help us to overcome ailments such as colds, the flu, etc.

To take this ingredient, it is best to consume it in your recipes and, whenever you can, try to eat it raw because, as we have already pointed out, the properties of super foods are better maintained without cooking them.


And another of the super foods that cannot be missing from any list is quinoa, a seed of a plant that, by mistake, is often mistaken for a cereal. It is an interesting source of vegetable proteins as well as containing large amounts of vitamins B, C and E, as well as highly varied and nutritious minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus or calcium.

In addition to this, quinoa is also used to lose weight because it has twice the fiber of most grains and, therefore, helps to cleanse the body, improve the digestive systems and increase the feeling of satiety for longer hours. Here we specifically detail all the benefits of quinoa so that you understand why it is an essential product in your diet.

Being a gluten-free product, it is ideal for people with celiac disease who can enjoy its flavor in multiple recipes. It is very easy to cook and can be mixed in salads, prepare a tabbouleh, prepare some quinoa croquettes or add to any salad.


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