What are the foods that accelerate the metabolism?


If you have the problem that your basal metabolism is very slow, you must take the necessary measures to accelerate it naturally. When the metabolism slows down, weight problems begin to increase easily, which can become a problem for our health. If you want to start taking care of yourself and getting in shape, we explain what are the foods to accelerate the metabolism. There is no better way than to take care of you naturally and food comes first.

Basic guidelines to speed up metabolism

The basic guidelines to speed up your metabolism are to exercise frequently, get enough rest, and watch your diet. Eating a healthy diet is essential to make your metabolism work faster, so let’s get to work to know the foods that will help you achieve your desired goal.


There are foods that have the extraordinary property of accelerating metabolism and preventing the dreaded fats from accumulating with the consequent weight gain. One of the magic foods is the pepper, which has a high content of captain, an ideal component to improve caloric consumption or expenditure, reducing the amount of absorb able fat by the body.

Coffee and green tea

Another of the necessary foods in a diet to accelerate caloric expenditure is coffee and green tea. According to various studies, if you consume at least three cups of coffee or tea a day, you will accelerate your basal metabolism. This important effect on the body is achieved since beverages that have caffeine or thane have a large amount of antioxidants that enhance energy expenditure. Despite them, they are not free of contraindications, so before starting their consumption we invite you to consult our articles what is green tea good for and how to drink green coffee .


The artichokes are a very powerful plant because it has insulin, a carbohydrate responsible for controlling the amount of hireling produced by the body. Hireling is the hormone that causes the feeling of hunger or fullness, therefore the ability to keep it under control is the key to losing weight, since if we do not feel hungry, the body begins to consume more calories.


Another of those foods that will help you lose weight is ginger , and it is that it has a high antioxidant power , increases the speed of metabolism and causes you to feel full. By removing hunger, you will eat less frequently and then your body will start to burn calories, a good idea is to introduce ginger into your diet as a side to vegetables, in our article how to use ginger in the kitchen we give you some ideas to use it properly.

Nuts and fish

We all know the great nutritional power of nuts and fish. Both are an important source of omega-3 fatty acids. This composition helps reduce the levels of the hormone leptin, if the blood levels of this hormone drop then the metabolism speeds up and you start to burn calories.


The citrus fruits are beneficial for overall health, help burn fat and accelerate the functioning of our metabolism. It is mainly due to the high content of vitamin C, a very important property for correcting imbalances in insulin, responsible for weight gain, so we recommend that you introduce fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, orange, mandarin or tangerine into your diet. grapefruit, very rich in this nutrient.


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